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Jake Packard


Ihave worked professionally through the incredible changes in video and photo technology since the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. It started with analog tape and paper prints, grew to optical discs, and now it’s fully digital, and the Internet is the major means of distributing your ideas and vision. Through that revolution of technology, I have kept First Take consistent to our goals and mission, which is to provide original, artistic, and custom visual presentations to our clients. It is still true today. Now, several times a year, colleges and universities all over the country graduate thousands of would be Steven Spielbergs. There are an incredible number of businesses out there that will handle your production needs, and most have sprung up in the last few years. And, even though they have the incredible tools of the trade that are available to all of us, the presentations seem to all look the same.

Istarted by developing negatives in darkrooms to make photographic prints, and cutting rolls of film with a razor blade and then scotch taping the ends together to edit a film. I didn’t have the luxury of all the amazing equipment that I have today. But, I learned how to tell a story with pictures. And, I based the presentation upon who is going to watch it. This experience has energized me, because the contemporary digital equipment continues to make it more fun every year. And sure, I incorporate that same technology, into my stories that everyone else will offer. The difference is that your finished piece will look only like yours, unique, not like everybody else that you see on the Internet. I encourage you to contact me by phone or email, so we can begin the dialogue that will lead you to a successful video and/or photo presentation that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Established in 1983 by Jake Packard, First Take Video is a full service video production company dedicated to serving the camp and summer program community. Our creative outlook and experience has helped our camp clients grow in today’s competitive world.


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We were fortunate to step into the camp industry  in the begining of the video age. We helped pioneer the ‘camp video’ as you know it today. Over the years, we have set the standard for image content and quality, which pays off for our clients, and that is our intention – helping you succeed.




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