Ifounded First Take as a video production company in 1983, when most people were watching videotapes on VHS players in their bedrooms. Even back then, I always knew that someday video and photos would be produced by the same camera. And, when the digital age trickled in,and turned into a tsunami, it came true. And, I am glad it did.

I was able to expand First Take into a full-service video and photo production company. Today I can offer quality, artistic productions, directed by myself with over 35 years of experience in the business, that will satisfy all your visual needs, both moving images and still. Please find on this site info about our creative video and photo services, as well as our photo-art and custom photo-art products. And, as a bonus, my urban, fantastical adventure stories on the JakePackardBooks page will give you hours of entertainment.

 Also, you can contact me with any questions from anywhere on the site. Art is a personal thing. I believe it is okay to go ‘old school’ when looking for a professional to create exciting visual media for you. I am happy to discuss how I will guide you through the creative production process. So, whether it is for personal use, like art for your home or office, or video and stills for important family events, or photos and videos for commercial and business applications, please call or email me for a personal discussion and
consultation. Enjoy

Established 1983

If you are interested In any of our services. Please don't hesitate contact us.