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I started my first book when I was six. I wrote poems on the desks of my middle school and high school classrooms. I wrote songs all through college and beyond. And then I started writing
novels (when I had time in between all the videography and photography business).

These books are basically adventure stories, yet have deep spiritual overtones that induce thought
about time, creation, religion and yes, God. They are NOT religious tomes. They do NOT preach
anything. They are fast-moving, character-based stories, with forays into the paranormal and
supernatural. The plot passes back and forth between epochs of time, and the action between
characters in the metaphysical plane affects the actions these characters take in the physical
plane, which brings the stories to an exciting climax and satisfying conclusion. They are for fun and entertainment. But, beware, you need to bring your intelligence along for the ride –  haha.
The books can be ordered for Kindle on Amazon by clicking the provided button. Or, if you want
a signed paper copy, contact me by email or phone, so we can make arrangements to send you
one (or two).

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